Mon Jan 8th - Forbes "30 Under 30"

So here's the Forbes' 30 under 30 for this year. 600 influencers from the US across 20 industries, all under 30 years of age.

Here are some essential stats from the article for you and what they actually mean:

1. Only 4% pursue success for fame and fortune - so if you haven't worked out yet that "doing it to be rich" or "to become a millionaire" isn't going to get you that far, perhaps this might help...!

2. Exactly half are cofounders or founders - so you (possibly) needn't worry if you're not the CEO of your venture.

3. "By far", the #1 dream mentor was Elon Musk - so keep following that guy and read Ashlee Vance's fantastic biog if you haven't yet!

4. The top 2 traits they say entrepreneurs need are grit (35%) and passion (21%) - so that's more than half of them not placing "salesmanship", "being good at marketing" or "talent" first.



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