Sat Jan 7th - How Google Works

Reading 'How Google Works' this morning and Eric Schmidt makes the case for innovation rather than following, when building a business...

I'm often asked about how much attention one should pay to competition - especially when starting out. The truth is that it's intelligent to have one eye on competition from time to time, but as a startup, it's easy to fall into the trap of obsessing over what others are doing.

This has the knock-on effect of creating a 'lens' through which you start to view your own proposition. Thus, you start to focus on how attributes of your offering might "beat" or "outperform" those of it's competitors.

As Schmidt writes: "if you focus on your competition, you will never deliver anything truly innovative".

So you'll find that redirecting that energy into a healthy obsession of delivering the best you can, by simply "doing your thing", you'll create with greater originality.

Do your thing and don't let the competitors influence you so much. Focus more on how you can exceed the expectations of those that will actually buy your product.



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