Fri Jan 6th - Cheerleading ad infinitum for champions is no strategy for greatness on social media

Cheerleading ad infinitum for champions is no strategy for greatness on social media...

It's no different to when you were at school. If you weren't the popular kid, you got as close as you could to whoever was.

- You'd always pass the ball to them first in football practice. 
- Perhaps you'd subtly try to be in their 'group' by sitting on their table at lunch time. 
- Their jokes were always hilarious. 
- When they weren't around, you'd tell stories about how they told "the funniest joke earlier" or that "what they said in class to the teacher was awesome".

And you see it now, with wantrepreneurs that are desperate to get noticed...

...from their incessant reposting of Elon Musk quotes, that are automatically fired over from an Instagram account to their Facebook page, to a ratio of 19 Gary Vaynerchuk videos to every singular piece of content that is actually original.

All the while, they are rehashing that behaviour from school that simultaneously got them nowhere while helping someone else continue to win.

Sharing others' greatness does not make one great.

The solution is simple but it requires the scaling of the most vertiginous of heights; overcoming laziness!

Just remember the crucial principles in making your social media noteworthy:
== Value is your objective, not blending in like wallpaper
== Variety is your method - bringing thought, insight and intelligence
== Originality is the turbo boost, that makes people remark on your contribution

....and the use of others' content is like a garnish on the side of a plate - it makes a neat difference if it's there, but the food still tastes great without it.

So go share Grant Cardone's greatest quip. Throw together a post with a quote from Peter Drucker. But let them sit amongst a flock of other curated content; doing their bit, but as a singular component of the whole patchwork.

Nobody needs another source of non-stop posts from one person - their own profile does that just fine!



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