Mon Jan 2nd - 3 things to get right in your first week of January 2017

3 things to get right in your first week of January 2017:

1. Mindset: no, not yours; theirs. Thinking about how your customers feel is a crucial part of being effective in engagement. So learn to read them: at the start of a new year, most are full of optimism and are keen to improve themselves and their lives. How can you help them? Tap into that vibe of "this is a new start for me" and speak to them.

2. Dive in: taking stock, planning and appraising is all very well, but in my experience, I've always done better when that's taken care off at the end of the previous year. Now is the time for execution - there is a lot of opportunity at the beginning of a new year and you'll lose out if you're sitting pondering rather than land-grabbing.

3. Be agile: later into the year, many people will be set into routines. But at the start there often tends to be a keenness to try out new things, jump on what's trending and generally be more susceptible to shiny new objects. You need to be sensitive to this - is there a new platform your audience is preferring right now? Are they talking about something in your niche that you could add value on? Get your ear to the ground and be ready to move into spaces you may not yet inhabit. After all, where your customers are is where you need to be.



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