Wed Dec 7th - Leadership tip: actually show them!

Leadership tip: if you're the boss, then explaining how to do something means you can build respect. But actually show your people how to do it effectively and suddenly they'll be inspired by you.

I remember 12 years ago when I was building sales teams. I'd describe all the ins and outs of the sales calls, I'd explain what to say, when to say it and how to deliver it. I'd give all the theory and, as the guy in charge my team would respect my position and understand that they should follow the instructions.

Results were great. But culturally, it was just a team simply doing a job. So when I started taking over calls, going on face to face sales pitches with sales reps and closing deals for my team right in front of them, I started to see stars in their eyes. It wasn't because I was some kind of magician. It was because suddenly they could believe.

In anything you do, make a point of always showing your team exactly why it is that you actually got to where you are. The result? Their loyalty will brim over, they'll talk about you behind your back (in a good way!) and more important than anything, they'll see you as their leader, rather than just a manager...

...which is precisely how it should be. Show more; tell less.



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