Tue Dec 6th - "Dance" every day with your business

Make sure you "dance" every day with your business: A new business can quickly become old news. You'll find that as you climb, you'll typically enjoy features like building of a basic product, those first sales and the feeling that you get when revenue starts to hit the bank account. 

But soon you can end up resenting what was once a bold new venture if you aren't aware that adding new endeavours daily is what keeps you stimulated. 

I'm not talking about completely new things; don't ditch your business to do something completely different. But do make a point each day of meeting new people and adding them to your network, learning a new skill, adding a new product to your offerings, or at least improving an existing one. 

All of this keeps things in a state of rejuvenation. The new doesn't have to be in the form of huge, radical changes or additions, but it should certainly feature.

Reading Friedrich Nietzsche's 'Why I Am So Wise' this afternoon, there is a part where he neatly reinforces the importance of ensuring this 'enjoyment' borne from the new is something that you experience every 24 hours. He writes: “a day when you haven't danced, you haven't lived.”



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