Mon Dec 5th - Lead generation tip: Use Twitter Search!

Lead generation tip: want to find customers easily? Make intelligent use of the Twitter search function. 

It's important to understand that for many, Twitter is just the text version of what they are thinking at that time. So, to be able to uncover people that are actively looking for either the product or the service that you produce, is very powerful. 

But you need to think about what they would write. One of the ways I've been able to engage with people that have actually wanted my service is by typing in what they might be tweeting. 

So for instance, if I was interested in engaging with people that have an investment opportunity for me, I could do worse than typing "looking for an investor". the results will be those that are actively seeking help in the form of investment. 

Simple, right? It is. This is a very powerful way to tap into those people that aren't just relevant to your niche, but that actually need it right now - hot leads, you might call them. 

Taking it a step further still, you can use the advanced search function to get really accurate. 

Now you have no excuse for not being able to find prospects!



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