Tue Nov 29th - How to Own Fear

This is how you OWN fear: I just had to make a really complex, time-sensitive phone call. It required saying all the right things, in the right ways and I had to nail the outcome.

So how did I do it?

The moment I knew I had to make the call and what the outcome needed to be, I grabbed my phone. The very moment I grabbed the phone I started dialling the number. When I'd dialled the number I hit 'call' immediately...

...the phone picked up and I started. Any concern I might have had then vanished; I had control.

Can you see what happened here? Have the awareness that difficult things will ALWAYS eventually need to get done. In knowing this, I chose to get my result now, rather than allow a particular, poisonous thing to enter into the equation: time.

When you eliminate time and only have 100% action, you hijack your brain's amygdala (the part responsible for emotion and the source of the feeling of fear). Essentially gagged, tied up and blindfolded - your amygdala cannot cause you to ponder on potential eventualities when it is starved of time to think. 

This means I hadn't the opportunity to ask myself "what if I can't do this?" By the time most would have been playing out the scenario of what *could* happen and were playing out the scenarios the call might take, I'd made it, conquered it and nailed it down. 

The result? The fire was put out inside a minute and my only feeling was 'good job'.

You're more capable of surviving on instinct than you realise. Practising this requires you to ACT, not THINK, when there's a car crash about to happen in front of you.



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