Fri Nov 18th - Invert


Try flipping a norm every once in a while and see how you turn out. 

Maybe you spend your day cold-calling, leading with a pitch about how your product can improve market share and great data on customer satisfaction. Instead, flip this and find out about the prospect; how are they doing? What things are going well? What advice could they give you? See if the conversation can take a different path and still generate interest in you.

Perhaps you are a fitness instructor. Each week you meet the same people that you coach through their sets and reps. What would happen if you involved them in making the decisions one week? What would you learn about them if you told them to choose which exercises to work on, or which muscle groups would be of focus in that session? 

Maybe you're a consultant that has clients visit your office to discuss the state of their business and establish their best next steps. Think about what you might gain by deciding, even just for one client, to attend their office for your regular meeting. Let them host you. Get a feel for their environment. What's the buzz like? Beyond the data and metrics, what's the environment like in the business?

When we establish routines in our businesses, we tend to sit in them and let them dictate how an activity that is on the agenda will play out. But changing the approach will always throw you new findings. Inverting will produce a framework for a potentially new routine...

Hey, it might be less efficient. But it will stimulate more. If it still ends up getting the job done, maybe that's an effective approach.



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