Wed Nov 15th - Where is your next customer coming from?

This is a very simple tip, so I'll keep it brief :)

Every day the most important thing you should be asking of your business is "where is my next customer coming from?" 

This isn't just important from the perspective of creating cashflow for the company, but also because across the course of time, your customers will fade and leave. Look, sometimes it won't even be something you have done.

If you're a subscription-based company with regular payments from them, your customers may find they have to stop working with you because of personal reasons that are completely out of your control. You need to always be working to replace these.

Conversely, if your customers only pay a one-off fee, then you also need new prospects entering the fold. Same again, you need the next prospects coming through so that you can generate sales the following month.

And, creating the 'problem' of having too many customers is a great position to be in. If you have a maximum capacity, the new customers will have to wait until they can join, which further impresses them with how oversubscribed you are. Or, if you can take on unlimited business, perhaps through an automated product, then adding new buyers means you're scaling your customer base.

But why every day? Because unless it becomes a habit to think about your next customer, you'll end up with it being several days, then a week, perhaps even longer. Becoming embroiled in admin and other processes will ultimately mean that you're marginalising the one thing that is so important to your company's survival; having new customer aquisition on a daily basis.



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