Sat Nov 12th - Entrepreneurs should make rewards part of their businesses

Entrepreneurs should make rewards part of their businesses.

So this is a very simple principle. Think for a moment on what things you enjoy doing in your down time. Perhaps it's meditation or having a massage. It might be travelling to see new places for inspiration. For me, as an example, it could be reading and learning. 

Take these things and think laterally on how you can justify their existence, not in your downtime, but in your work time. By this, I mean making 30 minutes of meditation part of your working day because it has a positive affect on your clients. Or having your business fund a trip to a landmark for inspiration, so you can create more compelling content. Maybe it's simply having your company buy a book for you to read, so that you can be more effective in your understanding of the professional space you occupy. 

Sure, it possibly won't work with everything. But this way, you can often validate the decision to have something typically seen as just 'fun' scheduled in as part of your business day. 

So think: could there be a business purpose or benefit behind the things I'm doing in my rest time? If so, don't feel bad or guilty for doing them rather than your work; instead, make them your work.



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