Wed Nov 9th - Money in your pocket is confidence in your business

Money in your pocket is confidence in your business. 

One of the biggest impacts I see with startups I work with is the change that happens when the first sales start to drop.

Often nothing actually changes on the ground except the perspective of the entrepreneur. They go from "can I?" to "I can". It's a flick of a switch that means changes start to happen and the business moves from night into day. Those that get ahead early are able to 'believe' just that much more as they embark on their sales. Those that take longer have to work through their self-doubt in order to get there. There are some out there that are so set in disbelief that they never believe enough to apply themselves.

The solution is the confidence that closing sales brings. Until you get there, it's important to recognise that no past performance is necessarily a reflection of future performance. In this, if you have a history of bad results, it doesn't have to mean that this business or even this day will perform in the same way; especially if you're doing something differently. 

So big yourself up, have faith and apply yourself consistently until the results start to show. They'll then start to give you momentum.



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