Tue Nov 8th - Using Emotion to Boost Sharing

In Jonah Berger's 'Contagious', he describes research he performed into the affect of emotion in sharing content and it's effect on virality.

What's clear is that, while it is broadly accepted that shared content from friends is the most trusted, the affect of emotion-laden content can be quite significant. 

He writes: "sharing emotions...helps us connect". As an example, "if I share a video with a friend, he's likely to feel more inspired. And the fact that we both feel the same way helps deepen our social connection". 

Importantly, "it highlights our similarities and reminds us how much we have in common". 

So to a fair degree, if you are keen for your content to be shared amongst an audience you need to think on the psychology more: what emotion would cause someone in your audience to share your message? Could it help them further cement a relationship or strengthen a bond by reaching out to other, like-minded friends with it? 

Recognise the true purpose of 'sharing' for humans and you'll understand how to spread your message far and wide.



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