About Richard Moore and EightStepStartup


Richard Moore originally worked 60 hour weeks in the City of London, before deciding to pursue a better life for himself. 

Now, as owner of four highly successful businesses, and an investor and consultant to many more, Richard has built EightStepStartup as a reaction to the lack of serious, practical insight online to massively grow new business ventures.


Richard has interviewed leaders and entrepreneurs of the most globally recognised companies, professors from world-class business schools and best-selling authors to create the 73 lessons in EightStepStartup. For a limited time only, you can also apply for a consultation call with Richard or one of his business partners.

EightStepStartup is the movement making waves amongst the entrepreneur community. Widely recognised as the most effective course for startup business owners on the Internet, Richard's vision brings together content from interviews with the greatest minds in business so your dream can thrive!